Swansea City Opera tour a fully produced opera each year – in 2018 we are touring Barber of Seville, and we have performances scheduled across the UK, including Mansfield, 25/03/2018.

Each year, we offer the opportunity for a local choir to join us to support our professional cast.

The 2018 production of Barber of Seville by Rossini will be sung in English in our own translation and set in late 18th Century Spain and our design features fantastical and exaggerated costumes highlighting the humour of the opera. This will be a revival of the production originally staged in 2011 and will feature a full professional cast and orchestra of 10 musicians.

The choir will be involved in:

  • the beginning as musicians with Fiorello. Although all the choruses are only written for men we will rewrite the parts for SATB and costume the choir in masks and domino costumes so the ladies can be involved as well. Because of restrictions on space on the set, we anticipate up to 16 members of the choir will be on stage in this scene and the remainder will sing off stage. It would be an advantage if the choir members could provide an old instrument to pretend to play!
  • the Finale at the end of Act I as policemen and general crowd of both sexes, and the parts will be rewritten for SATB.
  • at the very end of the opera, again as a crowd of both sexes and the parts will be rewritten for SATB.

We anticipate having a maximum of 20 choir members on stage in the Finale of Act 1 and the end of the opera, with the facility for any additional choir members to sing off stage. All costumes will be provided – but we will ask you to provide your own footwear.

We will provide the translation and music, and will post sound clips on Soundcloud for you to listen to and learn from. Once again, we will offer 2 supported rehearsals nearer the date with our Musical and Choir Directors, along with a final rehearsal in the afternoon of the performance date.

I would be delighted if at this stage, you would consider supporting us. If so and you are able to help us with more than one performance, please do let us know – it would be lovely if all the hard work put in could be expressed on more than one occasion. I have attached the tour schedule for your information.

We would appreciate a response either way as it is a condition of our Arts Council England funding that we update date them with those choirs taking part.

Best wishes,

Dorothy Haines – on behalf of Swansea City Opera


029 20 397 341