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Joke of the Month

Curated by The Parrot


This story came from an Irish parrot that I know.  He’s called Clancy – some of you will remember his Brothers.  I once asked Clancy why Irish jokes are so silly.  He said that they had to be stupid, otherwise the English wouldn’t understand them.  Anyway, here is his story.

A group of professors of European languages were talking one evening at a conference.  A Professor of Spanish asked a Professor of Irish, ‘I’ve often wondered, but would there be a word in Irish that is the equivalent of manyana?’  The Professor of Irish (who was a Scot, although that doesn’t matter) thought for a long time and eventually replied, ‘Manyana.  There are a couple of Irish words that come close, but there is nothing at all that conveys the horrible urgency of that word.’

And here are a couple for the Grandkids or the Second Basses:

What do insects learn in school?  Mothematics

What do you call a mosquito on holiday?  An itch-hiker.


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