All answers in the first four rounds are either the composer of,  or the name of a piece we have performed in a main concert since I took over. Carols concerts and Summer concerts are not included. The same piece my come up more than once in the quiz – but not more than once in the same round. You are allowed to look at the BDCS website to remind yourself what pieces we have sung – but no other research allowed!


ROUND 1 – Name the composer from the picture

And a bonus one – picture taken on the day I wrote the quiz, to illustrate social isolating

Composer 1.11


ROUND 2 – Name the title of the piece from the picture clue

ROUND 3 – Name that page

 Each of the next ten pages (see links below) is a page from a piece we have done together.

Name the composer and the piece for half a mark each.

You do not have to say which movement of the piece each comes from.

Page 1       Page 2       Page 3       Page 4       Page 5       Page 6      Page 7       Page 8       Page 9       Page 10



 Listen to the Round 4 audio clips and name each composer and piece. Again you do not have to say which movement. Watch out – the accompaniment may not be how we performed it (e.g: it may be orchestra instead of piano or organ instead of orchestra, or a different orchestration…..etc)

Clop 4.1

Clip 4.2

Clip 4.3

Clip 4.4

Clip 4.5

Clip 4.6

Clip 4.7

Clip 4.8

Clip 4.9

Clip 4.10


ROUND 5 – NAME THAT (Disguised) TUNE

Listen to the audio clips below and name each tune  (no composer needed). Each tune has been distorted in some way (major/minor, speed etc). These are all very well known tunes, mostly not classical, and this time none of them are to do with BDCS repertoire. Apologies for the rough and ready piano playing!

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5

Clip 6

Clip 7

Clip 8

Clip 9

Clip 10


Mark your own answers with the help of the answer sheet

Send Guy ( your score – only the winner will be made public.