Richard Joyner’s guest this week is virtuoso keyboard player, choral conductor and BDCS accompanist Michael Overbury.

Recorded on 8th April 2020, observing the Governments lockdown, with Michael Overbury (Guest) in Newark, Richard Joyner (Presenter) in Radcliffe on Trent, and Brad Poulson (Producer) in Southwell. Using technology designed for conducting remote meetings, Richard was able to interview Michael about his musical career. Occasionally the sound quality can be a little distorted (apologies Michael)!

Unlike the programmes produced by the alternative ‘BBC’, you can choose to listen to the complete recording of Michael’s chosen discs, which would give you a total running time of 2 hrs 32 mins. To avoid copyright issues Michael’s preferred recordings aren’t always included, but his complete and preferred choice is listed here.

Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy Michael Overbury’s Desert Island Discs (select each interview and disc in order).

Disc: 1 (11:38)

Disc: 2 (11:12)

Disc: 3 (11:09)

Disc: 4 (49:23)

Disc: 5 (38:40)

Disc: 6 (22:40)

Disc: 7 (4:58)

Disc:8 (3:07)