Richard Joyner’s guest this week is composer, diva, Assistant MD of St. Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham, Head of Singing at Repton School, recent star of Facebook, and Musical Director of Mansfield Choral Society, Ellie Martin.

Ellie Martin

Recorded on 14th May 2020, observing the Governments lockdown, with Ellie Martin (Guest) in an undisclosed location in Nottingham, Richard Joyner (Presenter) in Radcliffe on Trent, and Brad Poulson (Producer) in Southwell. Using a variety of technology designed for conducting remote meetings, Richard was able to interview Ellie about her musical career.

Unlike the programmes produced by the alternative ‘BBC’, you can choose to listen to the complete recording of Ellie’s chosen discs, which would give you a total running time of 31 minutes. Ellie’s complete and preferred choices are  listed here.

Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy Ellie Martin’s Desert Island Discs (select each interview and disc in order).

Ellie Martin_1

Disc: 1 (7:00)

Ellie Martin 2

Disc: 2 (2:47)

Ellie Martin 3

Disc: 3 (4:37)

Ellie Martin 4

Disc: 4 (3:41)

Ellie Martin 5

Disc: 5 (4:12)

Ellie Martin 6

Disc: 6 (3:19)

Ellie Martin 7

Disc: 7 (2:48)

Ellie Martin 8

Disc: 8 (2:57)

Ellie Martin 9


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