Ever wondered what its like to sing in a Cathedral Choir? Our Musical Director, Guy Turner, Decani Bass at Southwell Cathedral, gives us a behind the scenes view of this ancient practice. Start by clicking on Video 1, then follow Guys instructions.

Video 1 : Guys introduction

Sound clip 1: Campbell Sing We Merrily From ‘Take the Psalm’, Priory Records –  PRCD 1157

Video 2: Who makes up the Cathedral Choir?

Sound clip 2: O Waly Waly, Southwell Cathedral Lay Clerks

Video 3 :The Lay Clerks and their idiosyncrasies……

Sound clip 3: Over the Rainbow, Southwell Cathedral Lay Clerks

Video 4 :The Choristers

Sound clip 4: Midwinter from ‘Lo Newborn Jesus’, Cantoris Records CRCD 6088

Video 5: A vast repertoire

Sound clip 5: Psalm 129 from ‘Take the Psalm

Video 6:  The Girls Choir

Sound clip 6: Missa Brevis Gloria from Christus Rex

Video 7:  The Organists

Sound clip 7: Kyrie from Vierne Messe Solennell. From Vierne/Langlais disc, Regent records REGCD425