BBC: Bingham Broadcasting Corporation

In common with many other local organisations, we are currently inactive and awaiting easing of restrictions by the Government. We have plans in place for a restart in September, but we are not holding our breath.

To keep ourselves amused, we have established our own BBC (Bingham Broadcasting Corporation). Each week, on Wednesday, the BBC produces a short broadcast, which is available to all, over the internet. The programmes are listed below, and you can listen to each of them by clicking on the links.

BBC Bingham: Episode seventeen – 5th August 2020, Launch of BDCS Distance Learning

March 1, 2003

A half-way house between physical and virtual rehearsals, supported by rehearsal materials which means that you can rehearse forthcoming choral works at home, at your pace, and in a way that suits you, but knowing that your choir colleagues are doing something similar, ultimately working towards joint rehearsals and a performance.

BBC Bingham: Episode sixteen – 22nd July 2020, Annual Newsletter

April 1, 2003

BDCS is about to launch its innovative Distance Learning Project, an initiative centred around the Folk Song Sequence composed by Guy Turner and commissioned for our Jubilee Year celebrations in 2021-22. Full details of this and of the Society’s preparations for the Jubilee are included in the 2020 Newsletter.

BBC Bingham: Episode Eleven – 3rd June 2020. Eric Thiman by Guy Turner

September 1, 2003

This week Guy Turner takes us on a musical journey with the organist, teacher, conductor, and prolific composer, Eric Thiman (1900 – 1975). As The Thiman Collection’s Archivist, and previously singer in one of Thiman’s Choral Societies, Guy provides a fascinating insight into Thiman, interspersed with recordings of his works, some of which BDCS have performed.

BBC Bingham: Episode Seven – 6th May 2020. Would I Lie To You?

December 1, 2004

This week we are doing something just for fun, taking the idea from the TV panel show ‘Would I Lie To You’? You will see videos from ten people from the choir, each person will tell three short stories about themselves, two of them will be true, and one a lie.

BBC Bingham: Episode Three – 8th April 2020

December 1, 2008

Ever wondered what its like to sing in a Cathedral Choir? Our Musical Director, Guy Turner, Decani Bass at Southwell Cathedral, gives us a behind the scenes view of this ancient practice.