John BannisterIn October, you sponsored me to run the 13.1 miles of the Birmingham Half Marathon. Because my run is a fund raiser for the choir, I run in a white shirt and bow tie, among other things.  This also helps to get me an occasional cheer.  My ambition is to get round in under two hours, which I did a couple of years ago.  This year I completed in 2hrs 6mins.  Every runner is issued with a number and a chip, a unique marker attached to the back of the number which records when you cross the start and finish lines and I suspect one or two points in between.

To train for the race I do a couple of runs each fortnight which usually include a section by the River Trent.  This year, I had what I think is an Achilles tendon injury which prevented me running for about 4 weeks, although I got going again six weeks or so before the run.

On the day, I did really well until about half way and looked like I would be inside the two hours.  Then I began to lose energy, and was also concerned that I might get cramp, which would really slow me down. I slowed to avoid walking or ceasing up, but too much, so although going up hill in the sections before the end was hard work, I did a good final 500 meters boosted by a friendly face in the crowd.

Your donations came to over £250. Thank you.

John Bannister, BDCS Chairman