Bingham and District Choral Society


Joke of the Month

Curated by The Parrot 

Time for a Christmas story.  Billie was the resident bad boy in his school class of eleven year olds. And so his young teacher, Miss Jamieson, struggled to decide which part he should play in that year’s Nativity, since school tradition dictated that every pupil should take part.  Eventually she decided that he would be the Innkeeper.  He was very well behaved and at each rehearsal said his line loudly and clearly, ‘There is no room at the Inn.’  He then watched with a sad face as Mary and Joseph looked perplexed and downcast and trudged away.

So when the night of the performance came, Miss Jamieson was unworried.  Billie quietly put on his costume and waited for his cue.  He stood behind the Inn door and opened it after Joseph’s firm knock.  ‘My wife Mary and I need a room for the night, for Mary is very tired,’ said Joseph.  Billie’s moment had come, ‘Come in, come in,’ he said, ‘We’ve plenty of room.’

And here is one for the Grandkids.  It has been contributed by a Choir member, who will shortly receive a small prize.  For some reason, she or he wishes to remain anonymous:

Why do elephants have corrugated feet?  To give the ants a 50-50 chance.  Boom boom.


Please Email your best jokes to  There will be a small prize for any that we use.