BBC Bingham: Episode fourteen – 24th June 2020. Folk Song Sequence

BBC Bingham Productions

As we approach what would have been the end of our singing season for 2019/2020, to give the production team a chance of a break BBC Bingham will change its broadcast frequency from weekly to fortnightly. The next episode of BBC Bingham (episode fifteen) will be aired on July 8th with another Desert Island Discs, so tune in to see which castaway is Guy Turner’s guest that week.

The following broadcast (July 22nd) will be a special episode comprising our annual newsletter, which will contain important information about the forthcoming season 2020/2021, and also our Jubilee Year 2021/2022, so make sure you tune in for that.

Today’s episode follows on from the variations episode last week and is an introduction to the Folk Song Sequence Guy has written for us to perform at our Jubilee Prom Concert. Click on the ‘Folk Song Sequence’ below, and follow the individual scores alongside.

Folk Song Sequence



Bruton song – Full Score

Laudibus in Sanctis

Ca’ the Yowes

Sospan Fach


All around my hat


BBC Bingham: Episode fifteen – 8th July 2020, Desert Island Discs, Richard Joyner

BBC Bingham Productions

Guy Turner’s guest this week is current chairman of Bingham & District Choral Society, retired academic and purveyor of groanworthy jokes, Richard Joyner.

Richard in his Bradford Lab c 1969

Recorded on 29th June 2020, observing the Governments lockdown, with Richard Joyner (Guest) in Radcliffe on Trent, Guy Turner (Presenter) in Southwell, and Brad Poulson (Producer) in a different location in Southwell. Using a variety of technology designed for conducting remote meetings, Guy was able to interview Richard about his life and musical interests.

Unlike the programmes produced by the alternative ‘BBC’, you can choose to listen to the complete recording of Richard’s chosen discs, which would give you a total running time of 47 minutes. Richard’s complete and preferred choices are listed here.

Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy Richard Joyner’s Desert Island Discs (select each interview and disc in order).

Richard Joyner _1

Disc: 1 (4:05)

Richard Joyner _2

Disc: 2 (4:42)

Richard Joyner _3

Disc: 3 (4:42)

Richard Joyner _4

Disc: 4 (2:48)

Richard Joyner _5

Disc: 5 (4:00)  Play from 1:33:25

Richard Joyner _6

Disc: 6 (18:28)

Richard Joyner _7

Disc: 7 (3:58)

Richard Joyner _8

Disc: 8 (4:20)

Richard Joyner _9


BBC Bingham: Episode seventeen – 5th August 2020, Launch of BDCS Distance Learning

BBC Bingham Productions

‘enabling choir rehearsal from home’

In the absence of regular choir rehearsals during lockdown, many choirs have experimented with remote or ‘virtual’ rehearsals using Zoom or other IT conference facilities. The general experience of most is that while beneficial for keeping in touch with your choral cohort, the singing experience is less satisfying. With that learning in mind, BDCS launches today its ‘distance learning’ initiative, a half-way house between physical and virtual rehearsals, supported by rehearsal materials which means that you can rehearse forthcoming choral works at home, at your pace, and in a way that suits you, but knowing that your choir colleagues are doing something similar, ultimately working towards joint rehearsals and a performance.

With our 49th year as a choir approaching, we know that it is likely to be a disrupted year and it will be hard to make definite plans based on what we will be performing. So, with that in mind, our thoughts go towards our Jubilee year (2021-2022) which we hope will be more predictable and see choirs once again being able to rehearse and perform together. This initiative is primarily about keeping us together as a unit, as much as it is about making quality music in restrictive circumstances, so that when we are once again able we will still have a choir that can get together to rehearse and perform. So, this is aimed at ALL current BDCS members (i.e. those that were enrolled with us for the 2019-2020 season just finished). There is no cost to members who wish to take part.

How it will work

All members (except those that have expressed a preference not to take part) should have received a complimentary copy of the Folk Song Sequence Score that Guy Turner has arranged for our Jubilee Prom Concert in 2021/2. This is your personal copy to keep as a souvenir of our forthcoming Jubilee year but will also be the score you use for the Prom Concert. Please take care of it, you can mark-up your copy with notes, but there are no spares! A second book of music of the other Prom pieces (where copyright allows),  has also been produced so that we can extend our distance learning initiative for the Prom concert as required. Clearly if we are able to meet for a workshop later in the year then these works would form the basis of that workshop.

There is a new ‘Distance Learning’ page on the BDCS website This will contain the individual rehearsal sessions for each piece we are learning. Each ‘lesson’ will comprise:

  • A piano accompaniment – Michael Overbury has recorded the piano accompaniment for all four folk song pieces,
  • Guy conducting,
  • Four professional singers have been recruited to record the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Base parts,
  • Warm-up routines,
  • Guy will also add appropriate introductions to each piece, commentary on difficult corners, or ‘born to be flat’ moments, advice about singing difficult sections, pronunciation etc.,

You will be able to hear all four parts singing in unison and sing along with that, or select your own voice part (along with piano accompaniment and Guy conducting) for individual pracice, or when you are feeling more confident can sing along just with the piano.

To te left is a screen shot from the group performance where top left Guy is conducting, bottom left Michael is playing, and the four soloists (Ellie Martin – Soprano, Ruth Massey -Alto, Tristan Moore -Tenor, and Guy Turner – Base) are singing their individual parts but skilfully edited together by Jeff Sutton. Madeleine Parkyn created the new web pages to accommodate the distance learning material.

Thanks also to Janet Chapman, Tina Warrington, Margot Anderson and volunters who distributed the music.

We hope you will enjoy learning and singing these new pieces, and although its no real substitute for meeting and singing together, we hope it will be an enjoyable experience and maintain your interest in choral singing. We welcome any feedback you might have.

Brad Poulson