We have received some lovely feed-back from Jules Humpheson after our concert in Orston Church on 27th November, 2021. Jules and his local team were enormously helpful in planning and setting up the concert, including moving around the heavy pews on the morning of the performance. Jules has given permission for his comments to be posted here.

 On a personal note , I would like to thank you for bringing back many fond memories – here are some of them:

The Handel reminded me of singing in our junior school music class, where we tackled ‘Every Valley’ (and pretty well for 10-year old children!).

‘O for the wings of a dove’ brought back memories of my senior school choir, as I remember singing this myself at Walsall Town Hall in the 70s.

The Parris, of singing evensong psalms at church in my childhood.

The flute parts of my wedding to Maria in the church in 2013, where my daughter Jenny played the flute.

Ellie-Jean reminded me of Jenny singing solo, particularly as Rutter was a mainstay of the cathedral choir.

The cello parts brought to mind my sister and niece, both of whom are cellists.

The choir singing in the church reminded me of my late mum, dad and uncle; my dad and uncle started a choir which eventually became the Chase Orpheus Choir (which has, sadly, hung up its baton after covid), hymn songs of which we played at mum’s funeral last year.

In conclusion, thank you so much for bringing all those memories – and more – to mind. It was also good to hear music in the church; if a building could be said to embody the soul of the many people meeting and worshipping there over the years, it was surely rejoicing in the beautiful sound you all made. All of these emotions surprised me, being a very logical engineering scientist by profession!