Sylvia and Robin Aldworth have played an enormous part in the life of BDCS  over the past twenty years. Choir members took the opportunity at our last rehearsal to acknowledge Robin’s particular contribution as graphic artist,  photographer and producer of our concert programmes and publicity. His valuable skills have enabled us to promote the choir and record important moments. He has always approached the assignments with energy, patience and humour, however unreasonable the deadline!  We will miss both Sylvia and Robin when they move to Cheshire. We hope they will miss us too and that the case of carefully chosen wine will help them settle into their new life.

Afterwards, Sylvia and Robin wrote:

Please pass on our thanks to the Committee and the BDCS members for their generous gift of wine presented at last Wednesday’s rehearsal. It will play a major part in our house-warming ceremonies at Holmes Chapel! It is also important to include Dave (Morgan) in our appreciation as we gather he was responsible to coming up with a very interesting selection! With all best wishes for the continuing future success of the Society.