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Rusharts Festival
20th May 1976

Rusharts Festival20th May 1976

Bingham Leisure Centre
6th March 1975

Romantic, Southwell Choral Society
Bingham Leisure Centre6th March 1975

Southwell Minster
15th March 1975

Baroque, Southwell Choral Society
Southwell Minster 15th March 1975

St Mary’s and All Saints Church, Bingham
11th January 1975

St Mary’s and All Saints Church, Bingham11th January 1975

St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe-on-Trent
30th November 1974

St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe-on-Trent30th November 1974

St Mary Magdalen, Newark
22nd June 1974

Baroque, Classical, Renaissance
St Mary Magdalen, Newark22nd June 1974

Bingham Sports Centre
9th February 1974

Bingham Sports Centre9th February 1974

December 1973

December 1973

March 1972

March 1972