East Bridgford Open Gardens


Choir members Andrew and Valerie James will be opening their beautiful garden on Sunday 23rd June 2019 as part of the East Bridgford Open Gardens event. Andrew and Valerie have nominated BDCS as one of the charitable beneficiaries of the money raised.  The event will run from 12 noon until 5pm, with 15 gardens available to visit. Tea and cakes will be provided at one of the venues. Contact ebopengardens19@gmail.com, tel: 07534 075718 for further details.  Visitors to the village will also find information readily available.

Buxton International Festival 2019


Buxton International Festival invites you to enjoy recitals, ensembles and world-class pianists from 5 – 21 July 2019. The full festival brochure can be downloaded from the link below. Also, you can receive 10% off ticket prices by entering the discount code HIGHLIGHTS10. To book online visit www.buxtonfestival.co.uk or call the Box Office on 01289 72190.

Festival brochure online here

Drivetime with the Hallé


An Invitation to your choir members!
Perform with the world famous Hallé orchestra,
Thursday 27 June, 6pm, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

I’m writing to warmly invite all your choir members, their friends, family and anyone who loves singing to join our fantastic Drivetime Choir at the Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 27 June at 6pm to sing with the Hallé as part of our Drivetime Concert.

The Drivetime Concert is an hour of fantastic music from some of the greatest composers, and each year we form a huge choir to perform in it. There are just two short rehearsals in the week before the day itself, so it shouldn’t affect your other musical commitments and will be a great addition to your choir’s CV!

This year the Drivetime Choir will perform Haydn’s The Heavens are Telling from The Creation and John Williams’ adrenalin-pumping Duel of the Fates from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Last year we had nearly 600 singers of all ages and experience, making a truly breath-taking sound. For those who took part, it was an unforgettable experience.

Choir members will just need to attend at least one of the main rehearsals in the Royal Concert Hall on either Monday 24 June (7pm – 9pm) or Wednesday 26 June (7pm – 9pm). There’s a half-hour dress rehearsal with the orchestra on the day of the show at 5.15pm.

Rehearsals are informal and fun and are led by our dynamic duo, Angela Kay MBE, Director of Music for Everyone, and accompanist Angela Foan. You’ll be amazed at how far Angela can take the choir in just a couple of hours.

Joining the choir costs £5 and includes a seat in the Royal Concert Hall Stalls, from which the choir will perform the two pieces and also watch the whole concert.
To sign up, singers just need to complete the online form at trch.co.uk/drivetime  They’ll then receive a confirmation email with details of how to pay the £5 fee and information about rehearsals and learning the music. If you’d like me to send your choir some Drivetime leaflets, with the booking form on the back, please let me know.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact me at my email address.

We look forward to seeing you at rehearsals!

George Matthews

Music Co-Ordinator

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

Theatre Square, Nottingham, NG1 5ND

Telephone: 0115 721 0600
Email: george.matthews@nottinghamcity.gov.uk


Our Spring Concert – A Message from a Special Guest


At the choir’s concert on May 11th at St Mary Radcliffe, we gave the world premiere of a recently discovered piece by Eric Thiman (1900 – 1975), a setting of Psalm 23. The concert was attended by Frances Thiman, niece of the composer, who has been instrumental in building up the collection of over 1300 of Thiman’s work, which is held at Southwell Minster. This archive is managed by our conductor, Guy Turner.   https://thimancollection.org/

Frances wrote to Guy:

‘Thank you for a marvellous and very unusual and quite outstanding concert last night.  There was real depth and interest in the whole programme and the ideas running throughout, and the performances were brilliant.  I very much enjoyed your work, Guy, and I know the whole audience did, and I also appreciated having all the Stevenson poems in the programme – which incidentally I thought was beautifully produced, with a lovely cover. It was very exciting to see Eric’s name on the notice outside the church.  On hearing his piece….. it seemed to me that the piece was quite different to his other works –  more serious perhaps, dramatic and challenging, even in a more modern idiom.  Maybe he felt it was not typical of his other work, even experimental?

  • Anyway – thank you both so much for a very fine and moving experience.’

Easy Fundraising


Choir members and friends, did you know that you can help the choir at no cost to yourselves by registering free of charge with Easyfundraising? Thousand of online retailers are signed up to the scheme, including very well-known names like John Lewis, M&S, Argos and Boden. Once you have registered on the website (www.easyfundraising.org.uk), you can trigger a small donation to the choir from a retailer every time you shop.   It’s a painless and effective way to add to choir funds.

Farewell and Thank You to Robin


Sylvia and Robin Aldworth have played an enormous part in the life of BDCS  over the past twenty years. Choir members took the opportunity at our last rehearsal to acknowledge Robin’s particular contribution as graphic artist,  photographer and producer of our concert programmes and publicity. His valuable skills have enabled us to promote the choir and record important moments. He has always approached the assignments with energy, patience and humour, however unreasonable the deadline!  We will miss both Sylvia and Robin when they move to Cheshire. We hope they will miss us too and that the case of carefully chosen wine will help them settle into their new life.

Afterwards, Sylvia and Robin wrote:

Please pass on our thanks to the Committee and the BDCS members for their generous gift of wine presented at last Wednesday’s rehearsal. It will play a major part in our house-warming ceremonies at Holmes Chapel! It is also important to include Dave (Morgan) in our appreciation as we gather he was responsible to coming up with a very interesting selection! With all best wishes for the continuing future success of the Society.