BBC Bingham: Episode One – 25th March 2020

BBC Bingham Productions


Here is our first attempt at a video substitute for rehearsals. I hope you enjoy it. Start by clicking on Video 1 and then as you work through you will be told when to click on the subsequent links. Some of the YouTube links start with adverts, these will either play out, or you can click on the ‘skip advert’ button. Each link opens a new window, so by closing the window when the video ends you come back to BBC Bingham.

  1. Video 1_Guy: Introductions (8:02)
  2. Video 2_Ca’ the Yowes (arr. R.Vaughan Williams) (4.27)
  3. Video 3_Guy (1:28)
  4. Video 4_Cerys Matthews – ‘Sospan Fach’ (2.09)
  5. Video 5_Guy (0.52)
  6. Video 6_ Voces8, Sibeal -Traditional: Carrickfergus (Arr.Pacey) (4.29)
  7. Video 7_Guy: ‘The Final Choice’ (0.32)
  8. Video 8_Steeleye Span-All Around My Hat (Live Cropredy) (4.22)
  9. Video 9_Guy: ‘So that’s the plan.’ (1:16)
  10. Sound recording_of Judy Brown: Robert Burns: My luve is like a red red rose. (2.39)
  11. Sound recording_ of Judy Brown: Tchaikovsky Queen of Spades – Prodrugi Milye (4.30)
  12. Video 12_Guy: ‘So I hope you found that interesting’ (0.23)


Extra video you might like to watch:

Dives and Lazarus – Maddy Prior

Vaughan Williams Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus (with score)

Barbara Dickson she Moved through the Fair

Extra performance of Sopan Fach


Guy’s email for future suggestions –


BBC Bingham: Episode Eleven – 3rd June 2020. Eric Thiman by Guy Turner

BBC Bingham Productions

This week Guy Turner takes us on a musical journey with the organist, teacher, conductor, and prolific composer, Eric Thiman (1900 – 1975). As The Thiman Collection’s Archivist, and previously singer in one of Thiman’s Choral Societies, Guy provides a fascinating insight into Thiman, interspersed with recordings of his works, some of which BDCS have performed.


Click on this link to here the episode

BBC Bingham: Episode thirteen – 17th June 2020. Variations by Guy Turner (Part 1)

BBC Bingham Productions

This week’s BBC Bingham is based on a talk which I gave at a conference for GCSE and A level musicians earler this year. It also relates to next week’s programme, which will be introducing you to the Folksong Sequence commission which I have now completed and which we will be doing at the Jubilee Prom next year. The talk was originally designed for people who were going to be composing their own variations, but I hope it will give plenty of insights to people who are only planning to perform and listen to music.

Click on the text ‘Variations_1’ below, and then the sound file that follows, and then ‘Variations 2&3’ and so on………








Clapping Music


List of additional links

Paganini Caprice No 24  This is a lockdown video made just the day before I updated the talk for BDCS – 12 famous violinists taking turns. Put together by Nicola Benedetti.

Ives Variation on America

Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Lloyd Webber Variations  or you may prefer the orchestral version


BBC Bingham: Episode fourteen – 24th June 2020. Folk Song Sequence

BBC Bingham Productions

As we approach what would have been the end of our singing season for 2019/2020, to give the production team a chance of a break BBC Bingham will change its broadcast frequency from weekly to fortnightly. The next episode of BBC Bingham (episode fifteen) will be aired on July 8th with another Desert Island Discs, so tune in to see which castaway is Guy Turner’s guest that week.

The following broadcast (July 22nd) will be a special episode comprising our annual newsletter, which will contain important information about the forthcoming season 2020/2021, and also our Jubilee Year 2021/2022, so make sure you tune in for that.

Today’s episode follows on from the variations episode last week and is an introduction to the Folk Song Sequence Guy has written for us to perform at our Jubilee Prom Concert. Click on the ‘Folk Song Sequence’ below, and follow the individual scores alongside.

Folk Song Sequence



Bruton song – Full Score

Laudibus in Sanctis

Ca’ the Yowes

Sospan Fach


All around my hat