This week’s BBC Bingham is based on a talk which I gave at a conference for GCSE and A level musicians earler this year. It also relates to next week’s programme, which will be introducing you to the Folksong Sequence commission which I have now completed and which we will be doing at the Jubilee Prom next year. The talk was originally designed for people who were going to be composing their own variations, but I hope it will give plenty of insights to people who are only planning to perform and listen to music.

Click on the text ‘Variations_1’ below, and then the sound file that follows, and then ‘Variations 2&3’ and so on………








Clapping Music


List of additional links

Paganini Caprice No 24  This is a lockdown video made just the day before I updated the talk for BDCS – 12 famous violinists taking turns. Put together by Nicola Benedetti.

Ives Variation on America

Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Lloyd Webber Variations  or you may prefer the orchestral version