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Accompanist, Bingham and District Choral Society (The Choir)

Job specification and conditions of employment

1)      The appointee will act as the Choir’s Accompanist, playing the piano at all rehearsals of the Choir.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings from 7.15 to 9.30 pm and the Choir‘s season is currently from September till the end of the following June.   There are also usually two or three Saturday rehearsals, typically from 9.30 am to 1 pm.

2)      The Accompanist may be invited by the musical director to take occasional rehearsals with sections of the choir, e.g. tenors and basses.  The Accompanist may be invited to take rehearsals of the whole choir if the MD is unavoidably absent.

3)         The Accompanist will support and assist the Musical Director in such ways as the Choir’s Committee or the MD shall require. This may include accompanying or playing continuo in concerts, for which an extra fee will be paid.

4)      Remuneration will be agreed between the Accompanist and the Choir’s Chairman and Treasurer, and will be reviewed annually in June.  Fees for any additional agreed duties will be negotiated and paid separately and in addition to the fee for acting as Accompanist.

5)      The Accompanist’s contract may be terminated either by the Choir’s Committee or the Accompanist with six months’ notice in writing, the notice period to start either on January 1st or July 1st.


Wednesday 19th June

No 2 from Zimbe (please try and get used to the words before the rehearsal.

Rutter Nos 1,2,3 and 10 (10 including the extra page).


Rutter group

People asked for the full list for the concert:

The Bold Grenadier

The Keel Row

The Willow Tree

The Miller of Dee


Zimbe Group

No 12 Siya Hamba

No 6 Ilange Libuya

No 7 Wai Bamba

No 2 Singabahabayo


Final Group

O waly waly

Danny Boy

Red red rose

Rolling Home

We will look at the rest of Zimbe No 2, plus Red Red Rose, Rolling home and probably a bit of Zimbe No 6.

Here are some Youtube clips  for Zimbe – don’t worry – we won’t have the jazz band!

No 2

No 6

No 12

Strangely I cannot find one for No 7


And here is a clip of the Buxtehude Magnificat, with musical score:

A MESSAGE FROM GUY TURNER (Sunday 12th May 2019)


Thank you so much for a great concert last night.

You really rose to the occasion and the programme fitted together very well.

Thanks also for rounding up a good audience – it is certainly worth working out why we got a larger audience last night compared to November.

A big communal pat on the back to the choir!



100 Club

Click here for 100 club Application Form

2019   dates for Concerts, Workshops and Extra rehearsals

Saturday 16th February 2019
A Singing Day with Ellie Martin, State Chamber, Southwell Minster, 10:00AM – 3:30 PM

Saturday 30th March 2019
Extra rehearsal now cancelled

Saturday 11th May 2019
Spring Concert: St Mary’s Radcliffe on Trent

Wednesday 15th May 2019
AGM: Carnarvon School

Wednesday 22nd, 29th May, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th June, and 3rd July 2019
Summer Singing: Concert date on 6th July 2019



General rehearsal aids

    A website where you can hear synthesised voices singing individual voice parts (it is very easy to download the necessary bit of free software). You can choose which voice part you would like to be highlighted.
    As a BDCS member you can get a 10% discount from Choraline by using the password BING.
    New telephone number: 01285 644845
    This is John Hooper’s website, where individual parts can be listened to free of charge.
  •      Members direct access to Bingham Choral Home Page
    The site holds rehearsal files allowing users to listen to their individual part, with the accompaniment in the background,  either on its own or along with the other parts. The music can be listened to on line or downloaded as an mp3 file which allows user to vary playback speed and slow down fast, intricate parts.Most of the music we will be performing in the next 12 months can be found on the site.For access to the site the Society pays an annual subscription based on the number of registered users (40).Spare places are available. If you are not registered to use the site but would now like to be please contact Bob Middleton either at a rehearsal or by email at I will then register your email address and you will receive an email from the site allowing you to set up direct access using your email address and password of your own choosing.If you are registered but are having trouble logging on or other problems using the site, please let me know. Bob Middleton.
  • N.B. The Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm 23 by Thiman and Guy’s suite Under the Wild Sky have just been posted for us on the John Fletcher website, the Elgar and Rutter pieces were already there.

Extract from the ‘Music for Market’ lunchtime concert series at Newark. BDCS male voices make the most of having the tune (for once)!



Tea and Coffee Rota Spring Term 2019

2 volunteers are needed each week.

Please bring a 4 pint bottle of milk.

Please come early (6.45-ish) in order to set everything up before rehearsal starts.

There will be other members there to help with putting up the tables.

Instructions for setting up the urn etc. are under the lid of the big box.

If you are unable to attend, please try to swap with someone or let Janet Chapman know (number on Membership Card)

 1 May  – Shirley Gaskell and Sally Ashton

8 May  – Clare Woodward and Judith Hackin

15 May  (no coffee  because of AGM)

22 May  – Edwina Cosgrove and Dinah Wilcox

29 May  – Chris Rayfield and Patrick Mountford

5 June  – Claire Winser and Janet Iley

12 June  – Pauline Luxton and Paul Skelton

19 June  – Lesley Shuttlewood and Maisie Ray

26 June  – Linda Hunter

3 July  – Janet Chapman and Judy Unell


Information so far for Spring Term 2019. To be completed.

If you are willing (and able!) to help put the chairs and tables for the rehearsal in place on a rota basis (from about 6.45pm), please put your name opposite one of the dates below. At least two people are needed each time. Thank you.

May 29th – Richard Joyner

June 5th –  Linda Hunter

June 12th – Derek Tabron, Lesley Shuttlewood, Deb Brookes

June 19th – Patrick Mountford

June 26th 

July 3rd  – Claire Winser, Edwina Cosgrove


Chairman: John Bannister
Vice-Chair: Sally Ashton
Treasurer: Brad Poulson
Secretary: Valerie Morgan
Programme Chair: Peter Iley
Librarian: Margot Anderson
Publicity Officer: Judy Unell
Membership Secretary: Janet Chapman
Box Office: Tim Connery
Ordinary Members: Beryl Cottrill, Christina Warrington, Janet Iley, and Juliet Ward



Committee role descriptions click here:



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