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Outgoing Chair’s Message

We have enjoyed another great season. The ‘War, Remembrance and Peace’ concert in November and then the ‘Spring Concert’ in May were well received, gaining appreciation from audiences and some well qualified musicians. The Christmas Concert was very enjoyable, maintaining our link with Carnarvon School and our place in the Bingham community. Summer Singing has been adopted as part of our programme and our Lunchtime Concert in Newark on 6th July was enjoyable to hear and to sing.

After four years as Accompanist and then Assistant Musical Director, Ed Turner has moved on. Ed has been excellent and well liked. After the Newark Concert he was presented with a gift from the Society. According to his Mum, Ed was lacking 3 volumes of Bach's Organ Works. Not any longer.

In a busy period, we have appointed Michael Overbury as our new accompanist. Michael brings great talent and experience and we are very fortunate that he has decided to play with Bingham. Among others, I must thank Guy Turner and Richard Joyner for their roles in the selection process and for their continuing commitment to the Choral Society. Thank you all for your support while I have been Chair, particularly those who put in the hours in so many ways to ensure that so much happens.

John Bannister


Message from Incoming Chair

I hope that one of the high points of your summer is to receive this Newsletter and become excited about the season of music-making ahead. In November we will perform some delightful baroque music and in the spring of next year we have the wonderful prospect of Johannes Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem (A German Requiem) in Southwell Minster, singing with our good friends from Mansfield Choral Society. If you have musical friends, this could be the ideal time for them to join us. Other highlights include our fund raising concert ‘Sparkling Songs and Dazzling Ditties,’ with rising stars Emily Hodkinson and Ed Turner (September), and the second running of our competition for the BDCS Bursary and Young Singers’ Prize, to be held next January. And all this as we start to tune up for our fiftieth anniversary season, 2021 – 2022.

I know that you will all want me to say a huge ‘thank-you’ to John Bannister for his tireless work and for all that he has done for the Choir during his four years as our Chair. I am particularly delighted that he has agreed to remain a member of the Committee, where we will value his energy and wisdom. As a former Chair, I share with John the knowledge of the vast amount of work and effort that is continually needed to keep the BDCS show on the road. The brunt of that work and effort is of course borne by your excellent Committee. But one of my aims for the incoming session will be to find effective ways in which individual Choir members can contribute (yes I do mean You) without having to be a Committee member. We will also be discussing how the size of the Committee might be reduced without affecting its effectiveness.

There is a small increase in your membership fee this year, up £5 to £100. However we are determined, if we can, to ensure that no-one is prevented from singing with us because of their financial circumstances. Anyone whose Choir membership places them in short or long-term financial difficulty should approach me or our Treasurer, Brad Poulson. All requests for financial assistance are treated in complete confidence. Lastly, for reasons that will become obvious, I am in search of short jokes suitable for a family audience. They don’t all have to be about parrots.

Richard Joyner


Annual General Meeting 2019: Summary Report

Treasurer’s Report – Brad Poulson

Brad PoulsonBrad Poulson thanked past Treasurer Huw Cadwallader, and retiring Examiner Hugh Holbrook, and current Examiners Pam Brooks and David Morgan for their services to the Society. He reviewed the financial costs of the past year’s concerts: the Verdi Requiem in May 2018; the ‘Byron’ concert in July (a no-cost venture presented by the Hucknall Byron Society); the Remembrance concert in November; and the Christmas concert. He reflected on the popularity or otherwise of the works performed, balanced against audience sizes, choice of venues, income from advertising and sponsorship, and orchestra and soloist costs. Derek Tabron was thanked for organising the very successful Singing Day with Ellie Martin in February this year.

This year we switched bankers from NatWest to an online account with Lloyds. Two authorised signatures are required to approve transactions. It is hoped to increase the number of people paying subscription fees online before enrolment evening (21 last year).

For two years the choir year has been extended to 41 weeks, ending in a low/no-cost concert with about half of our members. In future, this could enable variation in performance dates, especially when collaborating with other groups. It will be essential for our 50th year programme.

This year’s loss was £1,298.98, thanks to Jean Appleton’s generous bequest of £2,000. Many thanks again also to John Beaumont for his donation of £500. Our income includes gift-aided subscriptions, fund-raising and donations – these mask the fact that income does not cover operating costs. We now have to pay for setting up concerts and other tasks traditionally done by members, and net concert losses for 2018/19 were £5,273.69. Although finances are currently healthy, we need to ensure sufficient funds for our 50th anniversary.

Chair’s Report – John Bannister

John BannisterJohn Bannister reviewed the concert on May 11th at Radcliffe Church; this was a performance of short pieces by Elgar (conducted by Ed Turner); Rutter; Guy’s own Under the Wide Sky; and Psalm 23 by Eric Thiman, a first performance for this piece, with his niece Frances Thiman in the audience. John thanked all those involved in setting up the concert, as well as both Guy and Ed, and wished Ed well on his departure as our Assistant Musical Director. Plans to appoint a new accompanist for September are proceeding.

He thanked Committee members and all those who help in so many different ways.

In the last four months, a small group has been meeting to discuss strategy to improve the way we run. The choir is moving to a 42-week year, effectively integrating Summer Singing, with decisions taken at each AGM. The summer concert will be good standard, but low-cost. Discussions are on-going about a less formal dress code for these occasions. Major concerts for the next two years or so are still planned for November and May, but dates may eventually be varied to accommodate other choirs or events.

Discussions on the format of the Christmas concert have concluded that this places us in the community of Bingham and enables an active relationship with Carnarvon School.

John announced his intention to stand down as Chair, and thanked everyone for their concern and understanding following his accident last year. Richard Joyner has offered to stand again as Chair.

Membership Subscriptions 2019-2020

A proposal to increase the subscription to £110 by 2021, by increments of £5 each year, in part to support our 50th anniversary, was agreed. The subscription for 2019/20 will therefore rise to £100 (a cost to each member of about £2.62 per week).

It was also agreed that at the time of enrolment, members can be asked to make an extra voluntary donation to a musical organisation, chosen annually by the Committee. This year, it has been agreed by the Committee that the Nottingham Youth Orchestra should benefit.

Appointment of Examiners

Examiners Pam Brooks and David Morgan were appointed for 2019/20.

Musical Director’s Report – Guy Turner

Guy Turner

Guy Turner discussed the Byron Festival Concert in July 2018. In a complicated day with 180 singers and brass band, Bingham sang our own pieces well and contributed admirably to Guy’s own massed Byron in Italy. We will continue to look for cost-free events in the summer. The Autumn Concert (November 2018) was a fitting contribution to the Armistice Centenary. He thanked Richard Joyner for suggesting Ivor Gurney’s The Trumpet, in which Emily Hodkinson, our Bursary winner, sang additional songs. The Nelson Mass, the extract from the Brahms Requiem, his own Lux Aeterna and the Gurney made a nicely coherent programme. He thanked Juliet Ward for fixing an excellent chamber orchestra.

The Christmas Concert was a fun occasion, and sold out. As a community event, it needs to be in Bingham Church.

Our Spring Concert (May 2019) was much appreciated. Caroline Clemmow accompanied, and Frances Thiman, Eric Thiman’s niece, was present, and afterwards wrote her appreciation of this. Guy wondered why the audience for this concert was larger than the autumn concert, which had an orchestra and more mainstream repertoire.

Looking ahead, the Summer Concert in Newark Church (July 6th) will be of folksong arrangements, with Ed on the piano.

The November 2019 Concert will be in Newark Church with a chamber orchestra, and includes Purcell’s Welcome to all the Pleasures and the Buxtehude Magnificat, also the Vivaldi Magnificat and Handel’s O Praise the Lord. Soloists will be Emily Hodkinson, Ellie Martin and Matt Keighley.
In May 2020 we shall sing the Brahms Requiem and Song of Destiny with Mansfield in the Minster, with Ellie conducting. In July, we shall perform a lunchtime concert with organ in the Minster.

Further ahead, we look forward to the Bach B Minor Mass with Southwell Choral Society in the Minster, and in our Jubilee year, a performance of Messiah.

He thanked the Committee for their hard work, and Ed Turner, who has been a pleasure to work with over the last four years. He also thanked members for a great season.

Election of Committee

The Committee for 2019-2020 was elected, and is as follows: Chair Richard Joyner; Vice-Chair Sally Ashton; Treasurer Brad Poulson; Secretary Valerie Morgan; Programme Chair Peter Iley; Librarian Margot Anderson; Publicity Judy Unell; Box Office Tim Connery; Membership Janet Chapman; Fundraising John Bannister; Ordinary Members Beryl Cottrill, Juliet Ward and Tina Warrington.

Any Other Business

A request was made for the choir to have some training in diction while singing – it was felt that Guy encouraged clear enunciation.

Richard reminded members of the ‘Em and Ed’ concert on 21st November, and of the Bursary and Prize competition in January 2020.

A vote of thanks was given to John Bannister at the end of his time as Chair of the Committee.

Minutes of previous AGMs and Committee Meetings, once approved are available on the BDCS website. The minutes of this AGM will not be available until they have been approved at the next AGM.

Concert Review

November Concert 2018 in Radcliffe Church

To commemorate the 1918 Armistice, our concert, conducted by Guy, was entitled War, Remembrance and Peace, and the music followed this theme. Haydn’s Nelson Mass was composed at a time when Austria was at war with France; the choir was well supported by Harriet Astbury (soprano), Emily Hodkinson (mezzo-soprano), Matthew Keighley (tenor), and Stephen Cooper (baritone), and the Concert Orchestra. Remembrance was represented by a movement from the Brahms Requiem, Denn alles Fleisch, and Three Settings of War Poets by Ivor Gurney – Black Stitchel and In Flanders, sung by Emily, and The Trumpet, sung by the choir. Guy’s own Lux Aeterna, a tranquil movement composed for a peace concert in Messines, Belgium, was a fitting end to the concert in its representation of peace.

Christmas Concert 2018 in Bingham Church

Seats were as usual sold out for our annual community carol concert, conducted by Guy. We were again joined by Carnarvon School Choir and Bingham Brass with Colin Smith. Simon Hogan accompanied on the organ. Once in Royal David’s City was followed by well- and lesser- known carols from the choir, as well as congregational ones, and then the Carnarvon children sang two items. Simon’s solo was Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Bells, and after further carols by both choir and children, the choir joined the children for We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and audience and choirs joined for O Come All Ye Faithful. Wine and mince pies rounded off a happy occasion.

Singing Day with Ellie Martin, February 2019

In the grand setting of the State Room at the Minster, singers from BDCS and elsewhere tackled the jazzy rhythms and unfamiliar languages of Alexander L’estrange’s uplifting Zimbe!, a collection of African songs arranged by him. More familiar territory was also offered with English folk-songs. At the end, an impromptu concert was held, with a few family members attending this. It later transpired that this was Ellie’s first experience of leading this kind of workshop, and her successful debut was enjoyed by all, as well as making a healthy profit!

Spring Concert 2019 in Radcliffe Church

Caroline Clemmow was our accompanist for the whole of this concert, and one of the highlights was her solo performance of George Butterworth’s The Banks of Green Willow. Another was of course the world première of Eric Thiman’s setting of The Lord is my Shepherd, with his niece Frances Thiman in the audience. The choir also sang three songs from Elgar’s From the Bavarian Highlands (False Love, Aspiration, and The Dance), with Ed Turner conducting this part of the concert. This was followed by Guy’s Under the Wide Sky, settings of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. The final section of the concert was Rutter’s A Sprig of Thyme, a cycle of folk-song settings. Our soloists were Harriet Astbury and Matthew Keighley. Frances afterwards expressed herself delighted by her uncle’s piece, and many positive comments were received from the audience and members.

Lunchtime Concert at St Mary Magdalene, Newark, 6th July 2019

On a rare rainy July day [this year!] we had a good audience for our lunchtime concert under the direction of Guy Turner. Our programme of folk songs began with four of John Rutter’s settings from A Sprig of Thyme – The Bold Grenadier, The Keel Row, The Willow Tree and The Miller of Dee. Guy and Ed Turner then entertained us with their first piano duet – Sligo by Eric Thiman. Following this the summer choir of almost 40 members managed to get their tongues very successfully round several of the Songs of Africa from Zimbe by Alexander L’estrange – Siyahamba, Ilanga libuya and Singabahambayo Thina. We then were treated to a spirited performance of Percy Grainger’s Country Gardens by Guy and Ed on the piano. Guy’s moving arrangement of Waly Waly – which gave the altos a chance to shine – was followed by his Danny Boy, and then Alex Patterson’s lovely arrangement of O my Love is like a Red Red Rose. Though it was only lunchtime we finished off with a rousing rendition of John Tam’s Rolling Home. Thanks are due to Stephen Bullamore the Director of Music at St Mary’s for inviting us to be part of the ‘Music for Market’ summer programme and to Guy for putting us through our paces.

Many thanks also to Ed Turner our accompanist who is leaving us to work with the Nottingham Bach Choir in addition to his post as Assistant Director of Music at Derby Cathedral.

Southwell Minster

On August 3rd a group of Bingham members had the privilege of singing evensong in Southwell Minster.

Choir members ready to sing evensong in Southwell Minster

A small group of 25 of us appropriately attired and led by Guy began in the crossing with an unaccompanied rendering of Tallis’s beautiful motet – ‘If ye love me keep my commandments’ – before processing to the choir stalls for the regular service.

Many are well acquainted with singing response and psalms but for others it was a challenging yet worthwhile experience. Our organist (former Southwell organ scholar Ben Mills) and Guy himself guided us expertly through these.

These were followed by settings in C by Stanford of the canticles – Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis whose ‘Glorias’ gave us a real chance to shine. The anthem ‘O Thou the Central Orb’ by Charles Wood offered another opportunity for us to sing out in the wonderful acoustic the Minster possesses and we made full use of it.

Our Chairman Richard Joyner summed up how we all felt:-

‘On behalf of everyone who took part, I would like to say a huge thank you to all involved in bringing about yesterday‘s successful Choral Evensong. It was an inspiring and inspirational event, one which I very much hope we will be able to repeat,

Special thanks go to to Bradley Poulson, Beryl Cottrill and our indefatigable MD, Guy Turner.  Brad and Guy spotted the opportunity, and Brad and Beryl undertook the not inconsiderable organisational task of making it all happen.  Guy chose music which was a joy to sing, but which it was possible to learn in a relatively short time. With typical commitment, he fitted it all around his short summer holiday.

We are also very grateful to Saint Peter’s Church, East Bridgford, for the loan of cassocks and surplices. (with the kind permission of Robert Taylor (Director of Music) and the churchwardens)’

Paul SkeltonQuite a number of us then finished off the day with a splendid Italian meal at the Piano restaurant.

A rewarding occasion enjoyed alike by all whether they sing regularly in church choir robes or not. It was good to experience and feel part of Cathedral worship.

Thanks again to Guy, Brad, Beryl and Ben.

Paul Skelton

Farewell to Ed Turner

Edward TurnerGuy writes: It is sad to have said goodbye to Ed after such a fruitful four years. I am sure he will soon become just as popular at the Nottingham Bach Choir. I have really benefited from his support, and am personally lucky that he and I will continue working together in other capacities – especially the comic songs! For those of you who were not able to be at Newark after the concert on July 6th, he was presented with three volumes of Bach organ music and a sizeable cheque. Meanwhile I am of course delighted that we have secured the services of someone as skilled and experienced as Michael Overbury to replace him.

Ed Turner being presented with hree volumes of Bach organ music

From members’ point of view, Ed will be much missed not only for his excellent accompanying skills and some witty musical comments on our efforts, but for his outgoing and irrepressible nature.

And Welcome to Michael Overbury

Michael OverburyMichael is an accomplished and experienced musician. He is Director of Music at The Priory Church of Our Lady and St Cuthbert in Worksop, and is a founder member of Musica Donum Dei, playing on period instruments. He is harpsichordist for the group Continuum, and Director of Music for the Nottingham Boys’ Choir. He is an Organ Scholar and 1982 winner of the Manchester International Organ Competition, and has made solo appearances at the Royal Festival Hall. He has made several recordings, including five solo discs, and plays for numerous choirs and orchestras.

Publicity, Website and Twitter

Judy UnellFor many years, Robin and Sylvia Aldworth took charge of everything to do with publicising the choir, from the design of our tickets and programmes, to promoting our concerts and managing the box office. After Sylvia stepped down from the Publicity Officer role a few years ago, Robin continued to make his considerable design and publishing skills available to the choir. This meant that when Robin and Sylvia decided to move away from Bingham earlier in the year, we had to look elsewhere for the design and technical help we need to produce our publicity materials. We were very fortunate that Andrew James, a choir member, offered to take on the design function. Andrew created a beautiful programme cover and flyers for the spring concert. Penny Prior, a personal contact of a choir member, very generously offered to collate and prepare the programme and did so with great efficiency. We are most grateful to them both. Otherwise, publicity for the choir has continued to revolve around the website, the Twitter thread and the regular monthly updates about the choir in village and parish magazines in the area. The website enables visitors to receive up-to-date information about current activities and concerts and also provides a useful resource for members, for example through the posting of links to rehearsal aids. We tweak the website structure from time to time to ensure that it remains responsive to the needs of the choir. Our Twitter followers continue to grow in number, now 126 compared to 101 last year. It is difficult to measure the impact of Twitter precisely but it does seem effective at creating networks of shared interest and distributing information very widely. For example, a recent tweet about our vacancy for a new accompanist was viewed 730 times. The local magazines continue to help us publicise our programme closer to home and we appreciate their continued support.

Judy Unell

OUR NEW SEASON 2019/2020

Message from our Musical Director

Thanks to all members of the choir for a memorable year. The Remembrance Concert in November was in parts challenging, but we rose to the occasion and the combination of works was very fitting for the occasion. The May concert was particularly successful, and it was great to work again with Caroline Clemmow. Thanks also for the excellent Summer Concert of folksongs in Newark.

The future is looking particularly exciting. Not only are we doing some of my very favourite shorter works this coming term (including two which featured in the very first concert I conducted in Cambridge), but we will also see three of my four favourite large scale works (we have done the Verdi!) one each in the next three seasons: the Brahms Requiem in May 2020, the Bach B Minor Mass in November 2020 and Messiah in May 2022. Not only that but our Jubilee Concert in the Minster in November 2021. Lots to look forward to.

Guy Turner

Key Dates for the Season 2019/2020

Restart: Wednesday 4th September 2019,  7.00pm for 7.15pm at Carnarvon School
Enrolment evening and start of rehearsals for the Winter Concert
Please see enrolment information below

Saturday 21st September 2019 7.30 pm in Bingham Parish Church

Ed and Em Concert

On that date BDCS will be promoting a fabulous concert, given by local Mezzo Superstar and winner of the first BDCS Young Musician Prize and Bursary Emily Hodkinson and our former Assistant Musical Director and man about town, Ed Turner.

Sparkling Songs and Dazzling Ditties

The concert will feature numbers from the Musicals and from the Music Halls.
Emily is a fantastic interpreter of both comic and romantic songs, and we know that Ed can make us laugh without saying a word, so this, their first appearance together, will be sheer entertainment.


The concert will take place in St. Mary’s and All Saints Parish Church, Bingham NG13 8AL, and will start at 7.30 pm. Tickets are a very modest £10 and are obtainable from Richard Joyner on 07909-663-587.

Saturday 2nd November 2019, 9.30 – 1.00 pm, Carnarvon School
Extra rehearsal for November concert. Venue to be confirmed.

Saturday 16th November 2019, St Mary Magdalene Church, Newark
Autumn Concert: Buxtehude, Vivaldi, Purcell, Handel – see below for music editions
Afternoon rehearsal

Saturday 14th December 2019 in Bingham Parish Church
Christmas Concert, with Carnarvon Children’s Choir, Bingham Brass
Afternoon rehearsal

Wednesday 8th January 2020, 7.00 for 7.15 pm at Carnarvon School
Start of new term – Brahms Requiem and Song of Destiny

Saturday 18th January 2020, Bingham Parish Church

The John and Barbara Beaumont Bursary and Prize

Following the successful launch of our Bursary Competition two years ago, won by Emily Hodkinson, we are once again inviting young musicians to apply for our bursary of £1,000. The competition, shortly to be announced on our website, will be open to singers under 24 years of age and will take the form of an evening’s concert in which, as before, they will each present a short programme to be assessed by a team of four judges. We are delighted that Angela Kay, MBE, has again agreed to be one of the judges. Meanwhile do make a note of the date of the concert – Saturday 18th January 2020, in St Mary’s Church, Bingham.
Beryl Cottrill

February 2020
Singing Day. Details to be confirmed.

Saturday 21st March 2020
Morning extra rehearsal with Mansfield Choral Society. Venue to be confirmed.

Saturday 28th March 2020
Fundraising and social event - Wine-tasting with David Harrison
Venue to be confirmed.

Saturday 25th April 2020
Morning extra rehearsal with Mansfield Choral Society. Venue to be confirmed.

Saturday 2nd May 2020 at Southwell Minster
Spring Concert: Brahms Requiem and Song of Destiny with Mansfield Choral Society
Afternoon rehearsal.
See below for music editions

Wednesday 6th May 2020 at Carnarvon School
Annual General Meeting

After this the term will continue each week from May 13th until 1st July, and we will prepare jointly for the Summer Concert and start rehearsing for the B Minor Mass. Guy says “We will partly be getting started on the B Minor Mass (a very hard piece to try and learn between September and November) and will include some parts of it in the Minster concert on Friday 3rd July”.

Friday 3rd July 2020 at Southwell Minster
Lunchtime concert of sacred music with organ, including some of B Minor Mass.
Concert dress for men long-sleeved black shirts without tie or jacket. Ladies’ dress code to be confirmed.
End of season.

SEASON 2020-2021

Saturday 21st November 2020 at Southwell Minster
Bach B Minor Mass with Southwell Choral Society

Saturday 19th December 2020 at Bingham Parish Church
Christmas Concert

Music and Rehearsal Aids for the Autumn and Spring Concerts 2019-2020

November 16th 2019
Buxtehude – sheet music provided
Vivaldi Magnificat – Ricordi
Purcell Welcome to all the Pleasures – Novello
Handel O praise the Lord – Novello

May 2nd 2020
Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem – Peters
Brahms Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny) – probably Peters (Mansfield to confirm)

Rehearsal Aids

John Fletcher website: The site holds rehearsal files allowing users to listen to their individual part, with the accompaniment in the background, either on its own or along with the other parts. The music can be listened to online or downloaded as an mp3 file which allows the user to vary playback speed and slow down fast, intricate parts. Most of the music we will be performing in the next 12 months can be found on the site. For access to the site the Society pays an annual subscription based on the number of registered users. Spare places are available. If you are not registered to use the site but would now like to be, please contact Bob Middleton either at a rehearsal or by email at bob@mid33.plus.com. He will then register your email address and you will receive an email from the site allowing you to set up direct access using your email address and a password of your own choosing. If you are registered but are having trouble logging on or encountering any other problems using the site, please let Bob Middleton know.

www.choralia.net is a website where you can hear synthesised voices singing individual voice parts (it is very easy to download the necessary bit of free software). You can choose which voice part you would like to be highlighted.

Choraline produces CDs for the individual voice parts – 10% discount – Code available on request.

For futher information view the Rehearsal Aids section of our website.


As you know, every year the Choir undertakes a series of fundraising activities. These have been both consistently successful and enjoyable. They are also important. Without fundraising we would either have to raise the individual subscription to £130 a year, or cut back substantially on our concert activities. Please therefore continue to support ventures like the 100 Club. Also, if you have an idea for a fundraising activity (preferably legal) that you would be willing to organise, please contact any committee member, or email choir@binghamchoral.org.uk.

The 100 Club

David AtkinsYou and your friends are invited to join the 100 Club for £10 each. The money goes into a kitty, with half being a contribution to choir funds. The rest will be distributed in six monthly prize draws. Download the 100 Club application form. Please join!

David Atkin

Tea and Coffee, Cake and Produce Sales, Book / CD Sales

Each Wednesday night rehearsal we have a coffee break of 20 minutes. Members take turns in pairs to arrive early and set this up. Members are now bringing their own cups to cut down waste. This is a valuable source of income, and good value at 40p a cup, with a biscuit! Janet Chapman organises this.

Members sometimes bring books, CD’s or produce to sell, or make cakes – Sally Ashton organises cake-baking.

Easy Fundraising

Do you shop online? If so, every purchase you make could generate funds for the choir.

Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk/support-a-good-cause to sign up. The signing-up process is simple and need be done only once. You then enter your favourite retailer in the box. Click and you will be taken to your retailer’s website, where you order your item in the usual way.

The retailer will then donate a percentage of the value of your purchase to BDCS. Every quarter Easyfundraising send our treasurer a cheque for the funds raised.

Easyfundraising couldn’t be much easier – please use it and raise funds for the choir.


Enrolment Evening Wednesday 4th September 2019

Enrolment for our 48th Season  September 2019 – July 2020

As agreed at the AGM the subscription for this season will be £100.

Returning Members

Janet ChapmanIn order to have a smooth start to the season we would like enrolment to be completed before our first rehearsal on 4 September as far as possible so that members can pick up their Membership Cards and music as they arrive.

Remember, you will need a Membership Card before you can collect your music.

So long as your contact details have not changed there is no need to complete a new enrolment form. Please make your payment comfortably before September 4th so your Membership Card can be prepared for you. If you are unable to pre-pay you will need to prepare a cheque or cash and queue to enrol and obtain a new Membership Card at rehearsal.

If your contact details or tax status have changed, you will need to complete a form and new Gift Aid declaration. Download the enrolment form here.

Don’t forget, we will also, for the first time this year, collect on your behalf a voluntary donation to Nottingham Youth Orchestra; so if you would like to do this, please add the appropriate amount to your payment.

New Members

Mentors for each voice part will be on hand to help and advise new Members. You are very welcome to try us out for three weeks before committing yourself to membership. You are asked to fill in a membership form – this is required to borrow music. Download the enrolment form here.

Methods of payment

You can make payments in the following ways:

  1. By on-line banking, or bank transfer, to Lloyds Bank, Bingham & District Choral Society, sort code 30- 90-89, Account number 35138968, with your surname in the description field.
  2. By cheque, payable to ‘Bingham & District Choral Society’, which should be sent to BDCS Membership Secretary Janet Chapman, 27 Cropwell Road, Radcliffe-on-Trent, NG12 2FQ prior to the first rehearsal evening.
  3. If paying in two instalments, two cheques for £50 are required, the second being post-dated 31st November 2019.

Here’s to a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable 48th season!
Janet Chapman

Financial Hardship

Your Committee believes that no-one should be prevented from singing with us by reasons of financial hardship and our constitution allows us to help anyone who finds themselves with financial constraints. If you believe that you will have difficulties paying your subscription in full, please approach either the Chairman, Richard Joyner (0115-933 3493) or the Treasurer, Brad Poulson (Tel 07734 056618). Your application will be treated in complete confidence.

Setting up Before Rehearsals

Members take turns in pairs to set out the chairs before rehearsals on Wednesday evenings. A list will be sent round by Janet Iley. If you are able to do this, please add your name to the list. Beryl Cottrill arrives to open up about 6.45 pm, and will advise.


A reminder! The Rules of the Constitution state that “Members singing at concerts are expected to attend 70% of rehearsals”. Clearly there may be very valid reasons why this cannot happen.

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from this newsletter do one of the following:

(i) Email us at choir@binghamchoral.org.uk; or
(ii) Telephone the BDCS Secretary on 0115 933 2353
(iii) Use the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email that you receive